Thursday, 18 November 2010

Folksy friday, Gingerbread Folk

When I listed  my christmas stockings in my folksy shop last week, I got to thinking about how much I liked those spicy little fellows, so went on a gingerbread hunt for this weeks selection.  Hope you enjoy and it doesnt make you too hungry.

Lil Gingerbread sacks from Dollydo

Personalised Gingerbread from CraftyGingerbreads

Custom Gingerbread Garland by Sew Sweet

Cute Stocking by Edie Sloane

Rubber Stamp by Skull and Cross Buns (cool name)

Pinkerbread Brooch by Helen Janes Designs

 If its not too presumptious to include ones own work I have a pair of the inspiration for this post.
Stockings by Perfect Little Purse Company


  1. lots of yummy gingerbread picks here; thanks for the mention!

  2. Oh Joy - you naughty girl! You knew that this post would leave me in a state. I'm at work & I want to go home & make gingerbread goodies! BTW yes - let's get together sometime, it would be lovely.xx

  3. Thanks Helen. We should sort out a halfway point with good coffee. I will be in touch. xxxx

  4. Awh thankyou for including my little Gingerbread folk!
    Gingerbread scrumptiousness xx

  5. I love gingerbread cuties and what a lovely selection on his blog.

    Thank you so much for including my pinkerbread brooch.