Tuesday, 21 December 2010

More Pink in the Dining Room

As threatened promised, here is a flavour of the dining room decorations.  I made this little lady at the weekend from a Tilda pattern. I am a huge huge fan of Tilda.

Where on the earth did those embarrassing cobwebs come from. I did not see those until I viewed the photos. Guess I need to find the old feather duster.

We have a pink and pale green flavour in here. The dining room was not meant to be pink but it just happened with my unforeseen vintage cup collection coming into play. Think you have to agree they look lovely with the sideboard. Spot the new one. Its not really vintage but it fits in so who cares, if you like it, have it I say. Within reason of course, I am always tight frugal with these things.

These pink fabric hearts and table runner were made several years ago but I never throw much out, often comes in handy.

Think I am allowed a glass of Baileys now whilst I wrap the last of the pressies.

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  1. Happy New Year, Joy, to you and your family,
    Susan x