Monday, 21 February 2011

Stash Busting Gifts

I bought my daughter a beautiful duvet set for her new bedroom last week on ebay, here it is pictured with some nice matching pillows which they did not have and probably would have cost quite a bit.

So, me being me, I thought "I will make some"

 I went for a rummage in the scrap box, repurposed a bed valance and found some black needlecord which I got a huge piece of for a project ages ago. Even the buttons were rescued from some clothing item my husband grew tired of (cant remember what).  Like most crafters, I never throw away scraps.  I have a plastic bucket just for felt leftovers. These proved invaluable for the beaded flowers on the black pair.  Even my husband was impressed.  I spent £20 on a machine embroidered pillow for our bed a couple of years ago and he remembered that and suggested I might make some and sell them as "they were much nicer". Praise indeed from the `often scornful of crafting` other half.  I have been saving this post to show you until I had given my daughter these. So as I am writing, I am really hoping she likes them.  Just need to find her some bedside tables too as I also got her some lamps.  She would like oldish ones rather that mdf modern stuff but I keep getting pipped at the post.  It will give me  a quest, I do like a quest for that elusive item. Its way more fun.

Spurred on by the succesful sewing, I have started a new quilt. Also a determined stashbuster project I have not got quite enough so I have left it with a headache and will have to be inventive. I refuse to buy more fabric.  More to follow and maybe too, I might get around to finishing the 2 quilts I have pieced already. One was started last April and is even 80% handquilted but I just cant resist a new project. I think this is a common crafting problem. Well I hope so.  Maybe it IS just me.


  1. Oohhh ... Love these ... I'm just crocheting some flowers to pretty up some of my cushion covers ... Might try your felt flowers too!

  2. the cushion are gorgeous and so much nicer than souless shop bought ones. Thanks for the lovely blog comment! x