Sunday, 13 February 2011

Giddy up, more new horses.

Sadly, the equine world has been in the news this weekend, as I am finishing off my latest items both for a custom order and some new items for the etsy shop
I am sure we were all so shocked and perplexed to see those poor racehorses suffer such a painful end this weekend.  Quite the strangest thing to have happened.  I hope it is ok to show you my new hobby horses.

My naughty husband passed through the craftroom before the sticks were attached and stuffing was poking out of the necks and started making noises about the godfather. Thinks he is a comedian.

A happy stable


  1. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

  2. It really was a shocking thing to have happened>
    Your horses look fit and well, though- they are fantastic. My kids (and I) would have loved them!!!

  3. Lovely horses! Happy Valentine's Day! :) And many thanks for the kind comments that you left in my blog!

  4. Your horses are super, they have such lovely expressions. Good Luck with them, I am sure they will be snapped up.

  5. Love your horses and thank you for following my blog :)