Sunday, 1 May 2011

An End to My Backache

I am really loving my good friends this week.  I rang my friend to ask if she still had a drop leaf table I gave her ages ago and she no longer used,  as I was in need of a cutting table. Well this would not really have been high enough but would have given me the table space.  She said I was too late, her Dad had taken it.  She rang back later as her husband had got an architects table for their daughters room but it was too big! He said I could have it!!!!!  I am so pleased, it has a lovely big table space and is exactly the right height to cut at and a bonus that I would not have got with a table......... all those massive drawers for big paper make fabulous storage for quilts without too much folding which is great as I
often have them in various states of finish and end up ironing over and over.  Now they are crease and dust free.  How great that circumstance and fabulous friends have ended up with more than I could possibly have hoped for.  I think, I may cover the drawer fronts with some lovely wallpaper when I get time, plus a fixed measuring tape on the top.  I feel like a real seamstress now.  On the table is the beginnings of a bathmat I have made for my bathroom. It is made, but I will show it off in the next post


  1. the tables fab. I bet they're quite hard to come by too x

  2. Fab piece of furniture, I call them map chests!! lol! It really is perfect for your needs! x