Monday, 18 July 2011

Purses at knock down prices.

I have taken the decision to close down the Perfect Little Purse Company on etsy as I really want to focus on the toys as they are what make me happy.  It was good making the bags but the mojo has gone and no point plodding on if my heart is not in it.  I have some left and am going to offer them at knock down prices on here.  Just leave me a comment about which one or ones you would like and an e-mail address and I will send a paypal invoice for you.  The price will include second class shipping in the UK.  If you want to upgrade it for whatever reason just let me know and I will sort out a the price difference on the invoice.
I really need to free up some space in my sewing room so please consider the absolute steal thes all are. All these bags are OOAK and now is a great time to bag yourself a bargain, or dare I say it, start putting things away for Christmas presents.  There, I did say it.  P.S if you can`t stretch to one at the mo I would be most grateful if you could share the link on your own blog.  Many thanks guys. xxx

Update! I have just added `buy it now` buttons which link to paypal in the sidebar. This gives us both all the info we need to conduct an easy transaction. Who knew this existed? not me!  Go on give it a try - and do let me know if there are any problems and I will try to iron them out.

Daisy Reversible Tote

Daisy Reversed!


Pink Liberty Neddlecord Hobo

Liberty Needlecord Hobo Shoulder bag

Bamboo Handle Tote

Burlesque Style Handbag (also really good for knitting)

Autumn Floral Handbag (also good for knitting storage)

Pink Floral tote

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  1. Cute bags at great prices, if I didn't make my own then I would buy one, need to get though non sewers buying!! Love the brown floral one. Kxx