Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Christmas in July!!!!

That still sounds funny doesn't it?  Well like many others `we are doing it!`  I shall be celebrating a bit by watching some of the QVC things whilst I do the rotten ironing......and ..... by offering FREE UK SHIPPING until the end of July on all items in my etsy shop.  Just type the coupon code XMASINJULY10 at the checkout, and I believe it will sort it all out.

I will be adding these new bears today also. Depends if I get up before you guys read  this or not.  As its the first day of my hollibobs its unlikely! Both bears are sporting some new merchandising material which i want to do a full post on later this week.

The first is `Clarence`.  He is in the same blonde toffee coloured plush as Daisy but a distinctly different look to his little face.  He is a bit Christmassy with his gingerbread man pads.  Like Daisy, fully jointed and all hand sewn.  He has safety eyes instead of the sew in eyes that Daisy had.  I haven't decided which I prefer yet.

The next one is `Juliet`.  She was a real labour of love.  I had a lovely faux fur gilet that I quite honestly never wore more than once or twice.  I kept looking at the gorgeous fur on the inside and wondering.  Well, the conclusion is that it made a beautiful bear but oh boy was it tough to sew!  My fingers really hurt and I broke no less than three sewing needles!  Safe to say,  it will be a while before I even consider the bit that is left!  Look closely at her inner arms.  The gilet had some paisley embroidery at the bottom and there just wasn`t enough plain to do the whole job, so I used the embroidered bit and I think it looks like she has nice feminine tattoos.

Happy Christmas !!!!!!

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  1. Wow! They really are beautiful! If I ever get a grandchild or great nephew/neice, I will be filling the cot with these beauties!