Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More Halloweenyness!

My blogging rate has been utterly deplorable of late and this  flying post is no exception. I am trying to get things actually made and completed at the mo which means less time for blogging. My attack of `startitis` (you know where you just have to start a new project before finishing the one you are doing) has gotten out of control.  Something has to give doesn't it?
Well this weeks finishees (is that a word? it is now) are actually the most recent starts because they are Halloween themed so took precedence as they are somewhat time sensitive.
Briar and Bramble are cute little bunnies all dressed up for Halloween trick or treatery.  They are a really soft shade of mossy green and knitted in a soft snuggly baby yarn.  They should be fine for smaller folk too.  At just £15 also really affordable.
I think I have time to knit one more so the next post will be a giveaway announcement!!! Watch this space and tell your friends to follow this blog so they don't miss it.