Sunday, 18 December 2011

DIY Wrapping

I dont know about you, but I find commercial warapping paper either quite boring or if its nice (more the latter in my case) and tasteful, hugely expensive.  I hadn`t found any I liked this year and had a wrapping urge last Sunday.  So what was a girl to do with the notion in her head and the gifts ready to wrap but not tools to complete this whim?  Answer, make it yourself.  Now, last year I used brown paper and stamped it up with some tags and red and white bakers twine.  This year, no forefthought at all so had to be even more resourceful.
A good few years ago, we bought my son a huge roll of drawing paper as he was always drawing. That has stopped and I found the roll on top of the kitchen cupboard.  This I stamped with a metallic blue mandala stamp and raspberry snowflake. Tags were simply cut from some blue gingham card I had in my stash. There is always some suitably  coloured embroidery floss floating around here. That just left the tying up finishing touch. I had some hessian which wa sleft over from previous projects and cut this into strips.  Apart from that large one, which the hessian was not long enough for. This was solved with brown paper cut into strips with fancy scissors and punched with my crop o dile punch.  What do think? I even made a cute gift bag for a small gift. Obviously,  there are a few more but these give a feel of what I did.


  1. Beautiful, I love wrapping. My favourite is prettying up brown packaging paper x

  2. Love it Joy! I am a bit rubbish at wrapping!

  3. Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Merry Christmas...

    Kirsti xx

  4. You wrapping paper is so pretty and so much more personal. I bought some gold wrapping paper and didn't realise the stars were embossed in gold glitter- nightmare to handle and terrible to cut. I gave up on it after a couple of gifts- I was covered!!!!

  5. Your gifts look beautiful always beats the commercial will have some very happy recipients I am sure!
    Best wishes for a lovely Christmas with your loved ones,
    Susan x