Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shop of The Week, Rachel Elliot Glassworks

This weeks lovely craftbritannia shop of the week is Rachel Elliot Glassworks.  This lady makes the most amazing items in, well yes, not to state the obvious, but glass.
This stuff is quite amazing.  from so unusual etched hares

Rosebud Glass Hare Scuplture

And foxes, you know how much I like my foxes

Urban Fox 

Then there are the lovely pendants

Blue Glass Flowers Pendant

And she doesn't forget my favourite kitties

Glass Kitty Brooch Pin
As always, there is an interview with The maker herself on the Craftbritannia Blog and you can visit her store on etsy Right here. Why not pop along to both and have a look and a read.



  1. Thanks for the article on my goodies!

    Rachel x

  2. Lovely post on Rachel's gorgeous pieces!

  3. Super post Joy - lovely selections from Rachel's shop. Thanks for sharing

  4. Great feature! She has such a great range of goodies- something for everyone :)
    x katie of katiedidonline

  5. Great article! Love Rachel's glass sculptures!

  6. Urban fox and the flower pendants are some of my favourite pieces of Rachel's work. Great post Joy and I love your choice of images too. :)