Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Think It Might Be Summer Today

I hope its not only today!  I was determined to get a post in that wasn't shop of the week this week. I will of course do that tomorrow. I am really enjoying the coverage of The Chelsea Flower Show on TV. Obviously I would love to go one day, but for now I can be content with watching at home.  The sun actually remembered its purpose today and gave me a bit of long awaited renewed vigour. As well as potting on a few seedlings in my teeny tiny greenhouse, I picked some stuff from the garden and the verge outside and have put together an arrangement that I am proud of.  My artificial ones were nice but very wintery and I was a bit tired of looking at them. These are so evocative of spring and early summer and what's more, they didn't cost me a bean. To think I had to sit on my hands yesterday to stop me ordering a delicious silk display from QVC.  What do you think of my floral handiwork?

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