Monday, 18 June 2012

Do You Like to Read?

Tell It To The Skies

I do!  I don't read anything too serious or ploddy, but am not so fond of those raunchy ones that people seem to read on holiday.  Yes my preference is for what is commonly referred to as "chic lit" but I do enjoy them.  I have a handful of favourite authors that whilst their tales do usually have a romantic facet to them,  they deal with other more serious, often thought provoking issues within the narrative.  Recently I totally immersed myself in this one.  What an incredible read!  Poignant, sad, happy and even harrowing at times but I couldn't put it down. My bath got cold on several occasions (yes, I read in the bath..... don't you?)

So if you identify with my description of my preferred reads and want a recommendation of a brilliant book, do get a copy of this. You will love it.

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