Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cold blues in Perfect Purse Land

Its been a quiet weekend in perfect purse land. The dreaded cold bug has hit the house so not much sewing has happened due to the fact my head feels like someone hit it with a rather large mallet. I have started a new design using a purse frame. These can be tricky little buggers and have always made me curse when I have used them before. Safe to say, not the best thing when you have a throbbing head! The pics above are some previous work (the source of all the swearing). The new purse will be shown if it works. Fingers crossed.

I have added a few links in the blogs and non baggy links. I will explain the relevance of the garden carriage in my next post. It may seem weird , but has a great deal of importannce as you will see.

I have to brave the yukky weather today and go into town. New suitcase needed for other halfs impending business trip.
Have a good day.

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