Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A New Bag for me! -

Still wrangling with the frame purse. One side has gone in and is waiting for me to go back and do the other. The one thing I have learnt with glue in purse frames is that patience is most definitely a very valuable virtue! If you try to do both sides at once you will have a nervous breakdown and probably take it out on the cat! I now glue one side (usually the back as you can sort out any glitches on the front) let the glue go off for about 15 mins before I even try to put the fabric in. Once the first side is in neatly I will wipe off excess glue and then go indoors and do not go anywhere near it till the next day. Seriously, you may think the glue is dry but if you start fiddling too soon it will come out and at best you will have to start again. There will be cursing!!!

I have however finished a bag that I started ages ago, but because it was for me it kept getting shelved. Its is pictured above. I have to admit I learnt another lesson with this one too! I glibly thought I did not need to mark the placement of the catch on the main body before I gathered around the handles. I could find the middle couldn't I? Well as you can see from the first pic I did not. However a bit of quick fixing and fiddling I have it sorted and am most happy to call it my own.

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  1. Hi Joy, thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your garden carriage - it must be lovely to be able to leave everything behind in the house to go into the carriage to work. Love the bags - being able to make something like that is seriously good stitching!