Sunday, 20 January 2008

Where I Work

I mentioned in my last post that I had added some non-baggy links to things which I find valuable. One is `The Garden Carriage Company`. The relevance here is that I own one of these and it is where I create my bags. I got so fed up with getting everything out to work only to have to clear away for dinner etc. So after much searching for something which would serve the purpose and fit into the small space I had available, my loveley hubby bought me one of these.
They are hand made by a wonderful craftsman in Norfolk. I can safely say it lives up to every boast made on the website. It is waterproof, it does not get damp as it is fully insulated and following the craftsmans suggestion we have installed a very low energy tubular heater which just keeps the worst of the cold and damp at bay. I have lights and a heater for when its seriously parky, but dont need it on for long as the carriage keeps its heat for quite a while. Its a real home from home. I have a portable telly and this Christmas I even got a cheap digibox so I can have entertainment while I work. I havent gone as far as a kettle as others tend to bring ME tea for a change.
Its my little sanctuary. I say little as mine is only 8ft by 4ft but they can be much larger. Indeed the one I viewed prior to purchase had a bed!
I recommend it to anyone wanting a space outside of the home.


  1. Oh I love that! I've never seen anything like it before, thanks for sharing your space with us. Perfect :-)

  2. Wow how cool. I love it. Lucky you