Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Custom Cards

I was recently commissioned to create two cards. The first is a diamond wedding anniversary card. I was a bit stumped at first, I had never made one of these before. It is quite an achievement to make 60 years of marriage. If you can both stay alive that long you still have to put up with each other that long too. I wonder how many modern marriages will last that long? Cynical? well maybe. I started with some beautiful glittery vellum and took apart a piece of costume jewellery for the `diamonds`. Oh my poor nails.

The second is a wedding card for the lady's` daughter. More vellum. It is so hard not to buy all the vellum in the shop. So lovely. I hit upon the ring pillow idea and could not wait to put it into practice. I am always looking for ways to attach vellum and as my sewing machine is always around I thought, why not try it. I think it works so well. The inside picture has not photographed very well and they have both been given to the customer now.

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