Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Garden

I have been crafting (a bit) but nothing is finished as we speak. One rabbit to be sewn up (not sew keen on the finishing I am afraid), another started- because I did not want to sew it up. A bag for a custom order nearly done but awaiting magnetic snap as I have run out of the colour I think would look best. No point spoiling the ship for a hapeth of tar as my Mum would say.

So, as the summer hols are nearly done, I thought that after showing you the gardens that inspire me, I would show a few shots of my little patch of earth. It does not in any way match up to those that I aspire to emulate but I am getting there. If you are interested I have charted its journey on my flickr page - click on the title.


  1. Hello, what a beautiful blog you have here ! I just had to leave a note for you - I've really enjoyed looking through your posts and pictures. They are all very interesting and creative. Best wishes and thank you...

  2. What a gorgeous garden, I could sit and stitch for hours there!

  3. Hi, your garden is looking very healthy. I envy you the abilty to grow the dry garden plants, no hope of that here. I can see you'll end up with a 'jungle' as full as Will Giles eventually. What fun!