Thursday, 24 September 2009

New new new

I decided to change my background today to reflect the change in seasons. Hope you like it. I also changed the name as although the Perfect Little Purse Company is my main crafting focus, I have realised that there is room for all my other things which fluctuate in intensity according to what needs to be done and how I feel about what I am doing at the time.

My handbags remain mostly in my etsy shop and the little knitted fellas can be found in MISI. I am happy to list either in either if you have happy warmer fuzzier thoughts about a particular site.

Some (and I usually say) are only available `locally` due to pattern requirements and I am happy to sell directly. Just contact me via this blog. This applies to a lot of the newer bunnies.

Also remember that if you are local, some of my products are stocked at `The Wishing Tree` in Long Stratton in Norfolk. Why not pop in and see Olivia.

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