Monday, 19 April 2010

Pillow fun and its green

Well ok pink and grey but you know what I mean!

Here are the pillows I made using the rest of that ginormous supersoft sweater I was sent for this project, the same fabrics for trimming and some rescued shirt buttons. They have a zipper up the side and removable pad also handmade. The filling is new but the cover for that is from a clean but also recycled curtain lining I had floating about. I am delighted with how my recycling projects are going. These were to go in the shop but i am unsure. They look kinda cool on my freecycle chair which I am also super chuffed with. Hubby and son think its "well fogey and naff", but I have always wanted a wing back chair and whilst brown dralon is not awful its not my taste. I am considering making a loose cover for it. A first for me, but I have an expert in the family and grew up watching her making these things. Whilst she is completely retired from `all that` these days, she has agreed to help me.
So, back to the pillows. I need help here, keep or sell?

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  1. keep or sell, that has to be your decision, but I am inspired by your project. I am about to have a major clear out of my wardrobes, and I am now looking at things in a new light - to keep and recycle rather than throw out. although I have so much, the charity shops wont lose out completely.