Friday, 23 April 2010

A Very Sad day for us

I do not make a habit of sharing too personal things on my blog but on this occasion I make the exception. Tears are rolling down my face as I type this post.
Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made. My darling kitty companion of 17yrs had developed some health probelms which were somewhat insurmountable. So with a very heavy heart I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep . I cannot tell you the hole he has left in my life and that of my family. Even I am surprised by the impact. This gorgeous little fella had such character and always comforted me when I was poorly or down. Infact if he were here now he would be sat on my lap purring to make it better. So he is now buried in the front garden on the sunny side of the house which he most enjoyed and we are going to buy a flowering cherry tree to plant there as it should flower at the right time every year and give us memories of lovely Mr.Pip. Sleep well my lovely.


  1. I'm so sorry for your poor kitty. It's always so hard to lose a pet. I lost 2 of my Great Pyrenees one year after the other. It's very painful.


  2. I feel so sad for you Joy and can relate to every word you have written here.
    Take care,
    Susan x

  3. I am so sorry Joy, I had to have my own cat out down age 17 due to health problems, my heart goes out to you...

    Katherine xx

  4. Sorry too xxxx We had a cat I didnt think i cared for much but she got run over and i was the worse of the bits and crying for weeks !
    so i feel for you x

  5. Oh no I am so sorry to hear about your gorgeous Mr. Pip ((((hugs))).

    I can only imagine how difficult, heart wrenching and physically nauseating that decision must have been for you to make. Mr Pip was lucky to have such an amazing, loving friend and owner right until the end as you clearly put his needs and quality of life first. He was clearly a hugely loved member of your family so its not surprising that he is so missed.

    Sending you much love
    Sakura xx

  6. Hello Joy. I found your blog via Sakura jewellery blog. I am so sorry to read about Mr Pip. His paw prints will be in your heart forever. Take care.

    Rona x