Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

Phew, it seems to have been a long term to me, but, the easter holidays are finally here even if the easter weather is not. Snow in some places and something not entirely rain here yesterday. Its bloomin freezing.

I popped in to the supermarket after work because we needed toothpaste, and picked up a little pot of daffs for a mere £1.99 (not intentionally)and having rummaged about in my garden and my craft room I came up with what I think are some natty Easter pots to brighten things up. I did have to dig up another daffodil from the garden because one pot just did not seem enough. Plus, once I start I cannot stop. Dont you just love the blue and white eggs? Yes they are real. I get them from a lady at work and there is always a small blue one.

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