Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cupcake Inspiration

Yesterday I visited my sister-in-law for the first time in ages. I said I would bring cake as my gluten freeness is a bit of a pain and its just easier if I bring them. Also, I just love making cupcakes. I said this to my son and he enquired "If you could only make cupcakes or only eat cupcakes, which would you choose?" I said `make` obviously, and I really meant it. I would be far more mortified if they outlawed making them than eating them. Not that they are not yummy, I just love creating more than eating.
I have been totally inspired by this lady`s creations, and went a bit further on the normal. The photography in the dullest of August mornings leaves a bit to be desired. As they were leaving the house, they did not make it onto a nicely staged cake stand (which I do own 2 of actually), which would have improved the whole presentation a lot. Nonetheless, I am kinda chuffed and will be presenting more to bore you with in the future.

This item is possibly the best thing i have bought this year. Pesky flies thwarted.

As a footnote. Finally got my son to try felafel! Hubby wont even entertain the thought but no 1 son is a bit more adventurous. He was ambivalent about chick pea goodness itself but did agree that this was kinda posh for weekday lunching.


  1. Those look absolutely delicious! Yummy yummy! I havnt made proper cupcakes for ages - I have made cupcake shaped bath bombs a few times though!!!!!

  2. They look yummy! I too can't eat gluten and struggle to find good receipes. I would love it if you would share yours with me :) x

  3. Thanks to you all for your lovely comments.
    Woodbank Crafts, I use a very basic recipe. The key I think is the flour and ingredients you use. I prefer Gutafin Select white mix for most things.
    I always weigh my eggs first in their shell. Always use free range. Usually a couple is about 5oz. Whatever they weigh, I then use the same weight of butter (absolutely essential in my view, marg is just not as good), golden caster sugar and flour of choice. If there is no raising agent in mix2 tsp baking powder, 1 if there is (this is how much I use with the select mix). I actually just bung it all in the mixer and beat until its lovely and smooth and pale. At this point add your flavour of choice. If I make chocolate I mix the cocoa with a tiny bit of hot water to make a paste so the mix is not too dry. I fill my cases just over three quarters full and bake at about 170 dgrees.
    Hope that helps. Maybe I should consider putting some of my fave recipes on here.