Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Cups and New Cupcakes, Everything stops for tea.

So last week I told you about the vintage cups and saucers given to me from my Nans collection.  I am still searching for more of the delectable pink ones but I found these two shiny black ones on ebay and to my delight I got a free trio for a predetermined spend.  How nice do they look with the non vintage cakestand?
This is the trio I got free and I have to confess I have just ordered the other two sets they had left as I have become quite smitten with them. This is my little birthday present to myself.  I cant believe that china from around the  1912 -1930 era can still be around. I am going to have to be so careful because I have broken modern china so quickly in the past. thankfully, the dining room is a carpetted sanctuary. They would not stand a chance in my tiled kitchen and all its chaotic mayhem. 

More cakes were produced today.  These are cinnamon raisin with cinnamon maple buttercream. This is all thats left after the boys spotted them.

 These are St.Clements cupcakes.  Orange sponge topped with lemon vanilla buttercream.  I do love anything lemony.  Dear daughter will be sad as they are not vegan.  I have found a recipe or 2 and as I have next week off day job, plan to have a go at those. 

 Lastly, on the teatime theme.  I made my friend a tea cosy at the weekend.  Quite chuffed with it and think I might need one for my kitchen now as mine is a little shabby.  She just text me to say it was a perfect fit.

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  1. Amazing tea cosy, and I love your cake stand. I am very sad and collect cake stands whereas my friends collect shoes & handbags!xx