Sunday, 9 January 2011

First CuteyCritter of 2011 and Christmas update

Its been a topsy turvy week here in Perfect Little World. In fact what with coughs colds and various challenges to deal with its not been such a perfect world. However, I have completed a new little guy for the CuteyCritters etsy shop. I have named him Felipe. He has more than a nod to valentines but i am not overly fond of the in your face valentines things. I have nearly completed his matching female companion but sadly have run out of the Rowan Handknit cotton I am using for the bodies . She will be named Fliss and will be done very soon too. They are a more muted colour than my previous foxes which gives them a bit of a vintagey look. Felipe is here. Do let me know what you think.

I also wanted to show you this elephant I made for my sister in law for Christmas. Not sure what she has named her at this point but she turned out just lovely.  The photo does not really do her justice. It was just so dark before Christmas and I need a new camera as this is verging on antique!

 Lastly, here are some festive cupcakes. The first in the box were for my good friend and neighbour. I hope her boys left her some.  The batch on the cake stand are very much the same and were for a pre-christmas family gathering.  I am looking forward to doing some more baking soon, now the Christmas cake has been scoffed.  I forgot to photograph that but it was quite basic, although most tasty, laced with good old Jack Daniels.  The boys have asked if I can make one every month but I did decline.


  1. Felipe is lovely- can't wait to meet his friend. Those cupcakes look irresistible!

  2. You are very clever! Mr Fox is fab and I adore the elephant, his trunk is magnificent!

    Yum, yum to the cakes xx

  3. Love the elephant! And my oh my, those cupcakes look scrumptious!