Sunday, 30 January 2011

My China Collection has Grown

This is a little tardy on my part but it took me awhile to sort my sideboard out.  My lovely but very very naughty daughter got me a beautiful vintage teaset for my Christmas present. It seems to be victorian and like most teasets minus a teapot. However there is loads of it. There are several spare saucers and teaplates in addition to what is here and I am smitten. I was when I saw it in the local indoor fleamarket and the naughty thing when back and got it for me.  I have re-organised the sideboard to display it, but think I  really should seek out a glass   fronted cabinet to keep it safe and sound not to mention cut down the need for dusting.

I also decided that as I had all the other bits in this pretty existing set in my collection, I could not leave the creamer sat in the ebay shop I got the rest from so I got my order in. Isn't it cute? Can  china be cute? Well I think so.

When one aquires stuff, one has to be inventive with the rough guides that no-one ever reads in order to keep the cakestand. I had to put a couple of random trios in the sideboard as it was.



  1. What a fab collection of china! I love the pink tea cups best because it is pink! lol! The chinrz china is beautiful, it looks so old and begs to be used!

  2. oooh! China after my own heart. What a great collection you have. Only just found your blog and looking forward to reading and viewing more.

  3. What a lovely collection fo china, I love it too.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    When you go to Madeira the Casa de Freitos has an amazing collection of china jugs, teapots etc

  4. How lovely... I love the pink tea cups and saucers. I always struggle to find pretty crockery.