Monday, 24 January 2011

New Bag and new fave supplier

Its been so cold in my sewing room I have to say that the knitting has taken preference over the winter.  I dont know what it is about that side of the house, but for a 4 year old house it is like a different climate in the dining room and the sewing room above it. I really dont know how my daughter slept in there in the winter.
However,  having discovered this lovely lady in the teambritannia forum I have fallen in love with sewing again, if not my ageing and very annoying sewing machine. Now, even the cold will not stop me. These handmade buttons are just fantastic and have inspired some new bags.

The first is here, and has a lovely summery feel.  The best thing of all is its reversible, so actually 2 bags in one.  I already have a few more combos planned so leave some buttons for me please.

On a final note, the pattern was from Lisa Lams` Bagmaking Bible which I treated myself to just before Christmas.   Great book with lots of clear instructions and such inspiring pictures.


  1. I Love this Bag :)
    Fab Post! and I'm so please i've started you sewing again x

  2. The bags are just perfect for spring - beautiful fabrics x