Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Finished UFO at Last. Oh boy was it a wait

I have been concentrating on getting some of those unfinished objects (UFO for all you that have not heard that term already).  Not seeing aliens spaceships.  I cut out this patchwork blanket way back in March last year after completing this one.  As usual, I got distracted by other exciting things to make and although it has been pieced for quite some time, I never quite got to finishing it. It consists of both new fabrics and some reclaimed shirting (some quality brands in there as I recall).  Now, a purchase of one piece of soft polar fleece, 70 dotty spotty buttons and only 2 evenings work, it is ready to go.  Who would have thought it was that close?  It is not a quilt per-say, but a patchwork blanket.  It is machine pieced on the front, but backed with snuggly soft polar fleece for comfort and warmth, and held together with  hand sewn buttons instead of top quilting to keep the softness of the fleece.  It just covers most of the top of a single bed and is the perfect snuggle blanket for chilly days or in the car for a little one (not under 3`s because of the buttons. I have no little ones any longer so it will be in the shop very soon.  Just need to properly measure it and price it up. Now I have to find all the receipts for all the components!  That will teach me to leave things halfway.

Imagine if you will, the look on my teenage sons` face when he came home to find this on his bed.  Not impressed, I can tell you.  Its the only single bed in the house!

I finally get the Mr. on the blog and he hides behind the quilt. Hey its a start!  Gotta love human quilt hangers.

70 hand sewn  buttons I will have you know!!!

So snuggly. I love mine on a chilly evening. ......and the odd lazy afternoon.


  1. I love the term "UFO"
    Your quilt is beautiful, you should feel very proud.
    I love the fabric and the buttons finish it off beautifully :)

  2. Absolutely lovely. I have a pieced top that has been hanging around for considerably more than a year (I might tell you just how long, one day). Maybe this would be the ideal way to finish that one too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love you quilt, well done on finishing it. When I got married my mother-in-law gave me a quilt it took here 10 years to finish, it is amazing.

  4. Beautiful, Joy!
    I love patchwork. The colours are so pretty,
    Susan x

  5. What a beautiful quilt, well worth the wait!

    We use UFO to describe unidentified frozen objects lurking in our freezer :)