Friday, 4 March 2011

New Bunny and a sneaky peek at WIP

I nearly forgot to show this little lady off on the blog.  I listed her in the etsy shop.  She is sitting on the zig zag quilt I have piecing.  It was sheer luck that I left her in the right place and then noticed they were made for each other. Totally happy co-incidence and not planned at all.  When the backing arrives I will get on with the quilting.  Anyway, here is little Brigitte

I had a little sort out in the craft room and have decided to scale down the yarn stash a bit. I have several lots of beautiful textured and novelty yarns listed at very reasonable prices in a new section called Destash Bargains. Do go and have a peek. A lot of them were purchased from the states so may be hard to get hold of here. I buy way too much yarn and only really knit my critters at the moment. All of them ship free with another purchase so if you feel like emptying the section its a worthwhile bargain.


  1. She is very cute!

    Just thought I'd pop by and suggest you visited my blog as the competition winners have been picked (congratulations!) Then send me an email with your address (link on blog)