Friday, 3 June 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Thats apprently how the saying goes.  Well my third rag doll is a blondie.  This is Lucy, named by my long suffering husband.  I stupidly tried to get the listing done while cooking the tea as we daft women do thinking we are superhuman.  He comes in and I say `quick, pick a name for her, I dont have a name and hate all the ones I come up with`.  I truly believed a dont be daft, ***** off was heading my way, but he fairly quickly said `Lucy`. So there you have it.  She is the first long haired one and I am not sure which I prefer.  The next one planned is definitely going to be a redhead but whether she has short or long hair I dont know. 


  1. Lovely work Joy...Lucy is lovely and really suits her name!...Isn't Mango gorgeous too?...I saw her on FB...a little beauty,
    Susan x

  2. Aw she's really pretty! I think Lucy suits her - your husband chose well! x

  3. Uhooi,,
    Wow, It's a very nice, cute and creative,,