Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meet Roxy!!

Well the good news is that knitting is not completely off limits with  a young cat in the house. She is really quite good as long as I pick my knitting times carefully. ie, not when she is wide eyed and racing around the house at breakneck speed.  These moments are ideal.

Well, Miss Roxy was all knitted up before little Mango came to live with us, but I dared not try to finish her.  Plus, I felt Mango deserved my attention to help her settle.

So, Roxy can be found in the shop.  Go check her out.  I think she is a cutie patootie.


  1. Roxy is cute- she'd make a lovely gift. Mango looks right at home and very sweet

  2. Roxy is so pretty the colours....Cats love playing with yarn don't they?...You have brought back a few memories for me there...
    By the way you came out of our hat for Lola's Blog of the Week...I will be linking up shortly!...
    Susan x