Tuesday, 2 August 2011

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Anyone for a picnic?

Well, if you know me its not really a big surprise and there's no woods.  Sorry, but needed a catchy title.  I have made a couple more bears last week and this week.  I had a delivery of some lovely super luxury faux fur and am like a pig in the proverbial mud.

This weeks lovelies are
Firstly, little `Lawrence` is a wonderful bluey dark grey and he stands at around 15 inches.

Click to go to Lawrences' listing
Next one is `Clover`. I adore Clover, she is so so soft and irresistible in cream and alsatian effect faux furs.  These furs are softer than my cat!!! and she is really soft.  Clover is 18 inches tall.

Click to go to Clovers' listing
I obviously am really hoping that these little dears find new homes but secretly not losing too much sleep over it when I see them as a group, I am not desperate for them to leave. Hubby is hoping you snap them up as he "does not want the house full of bears!"  Silly soul doesn't realise that, like most bear artists, I will just buy my favourites from other artists collections.


  1. They look adorable all lined up waiting to have their photo taken!!
    I am sure they will sell. Kxx

  2. Love Lawrence !)) Very cute! I make bears myself too so nice to meet you)