Saturday, 6 August 2011


Don't worry folks, there has been no hot irons onto skin! Or fur for that matter!
What I am talking about is the new labels and tags I  had commissioned to be made by some of my fellow etsy sellers.

Firstly, I like to wrap my critters in a nice pink or brown tissue and stick it down.  Plain old sellotape was not doing it for me, so I asked Stacey at Dayzee Love Designs to make me some seals with some graphics that came with my banner pack.  She jiggled a few things around and came up with the very thing.  I was pleased with these, so I asked her to use the same design to create some hang tags with blanks for me to fill in the critter name and even their date of birth.  She even gave me some of her thank you cards which will come in really handy.

This got me thinking.  Whilst I never want to deviate from the handmade individual style of my wares, I aspire to get a really professional look.  I then commissioned some sew in labels for all new cutey critters from Crafted Home.

 Both these sellers interpreted the ideas I had so well, and were a pleasure to work with.  I would also like to mention that my etsy shop banner and an avatar which I have used to create these pieces were designed by A Joyful Studio who was very patient with several choices for to choose from.


  1. They all look great, and that's wonderful that you're supporting etsy sellers at the same time!

  2. Your labels are wonderful. Great work :)

  3. Hi Joy - There's a surprise on my blog for you. :)

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning AJoyfulStudio on here - I really enjoyed creating your banner and avatar, and think that everything you are doing looks fantastic! Best wishes, Peggi

  5. Thanks for the lovely compliments Cutey. It's always nice to work on branding projects. It all comes together nicely and looks so smart. Your photos look great too. :)

    Thanks also for the tip on where to get sew in labels. I get asked about them often and may need some myself in the near future.