Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween,

Tomorrow is Halloween, so we have been gearing up a bit.  We had some friends round for dinner this evening so a bit of a halloween theme ensued.  We had chilli and hot dogs follwed by a rather embarrassing amount of cupcakes I had made. Not vegan this time but still all gluten free.  There should be some left for any trick or treaters tomorrow.

 Vanilla Sponge with royal icing. Spooky spider webs and spiders (except that one in the middle)
 Red Velvet Cake with vanilla buttercream and some icing devil horns. These were my fave of the day
 Purple monsters are strawberry sponge (with a hint of blue for the gory colour) vanilla buttercream again.
Orange ones are cinnamon pumpkin and cinnamon vanilla buttercream
 This is my witch I had to make after I made one for a craft swap. Along with the knitted pumpkin I recieved in the swap from Crafty Helen

I have had this pumpkin tealight house from Partylite for goodness knows how many years, and although lots of partylite has passed through the house and been sold as my whim changes, I cannot see me ever parting with this.

 Here is my little homage to All Hallows Eve on the mantlepiece. There are witches hat candles from the swap in the candle holder in the middle but it was hard to get far enough away to get the whole shot and make them vsible. Trusty laptop was not supposed to be there but thats where it always seems to be so why pretend otherwise
Happy halloween to one and all, x


  1. Lovely cupcakes,Joy. There will be some very lucky trick or treaters if they knock on your door!
    Love your little witch,
    Susan x

  2. Wow, you're cakes always look so good! :) x

  3. Hi Joy. I LOVE my witch, and she received many compliments from my guests this weekend, along with my bat. I will be packing them away later, and they will be making another appearance for many years to come. Thanks again for the most fabulous and generous gifts.xx