Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shop of The Week, Dayzee Love Designs

 I may have mentioned previously. I am a member of a  UK etsy team called Craftbritannia.  It was decided a little while back that we would have a `shop of the week` feature. Lots of us have signed up and in return for our own week in the spotlight. We are all promoting the relevant shops. This week (the first), is the turn of our leader.  Her shop is Dayzee Love Designs. I have used her services myself to create the custom made hang tags I put on all my new Cutey Critters. These are mine made from this listing

I also commissioned seals for my packages from this item

 I have some of her ready made thank you cards which I use to offer return customers little specials

Do pop along to Dayzees shop and say hi.. I you need some seals, tags or cards, her shop is a good place to look as you can see from my delightful items.


  1. Wow - Dayz did a fantastic job of your hang tags, they are so cute! And I love those seals and thank you cards :)

  2. Lookas like Dayz did a good job! I've been a little slow myself and haven't signed up yet, must get in gear!

  3. Thanks Cutey, your photos are great. :)

  4. Thanks Cutey, your photos look great. I think I need to revamp some of my listing pics. :)

  5. Your Cutey hang tags are great (and cute!)