Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Do you Like Candles?

Who does't right?  I am really picky with mine. Obviously I am a great fan of Yankee and used to buy Partylite quite a lot. These need no introductions from me.

The shop I wanted to tell you all about is One Shop Pamper Shop. I came across Maryann on good old twitter and we chat often.  I tried a few of her lovely lovely candles when my previous seller decided to close.  She made me some fabulous square votives to fill my square votives I bought from PL and then they stopped making candles for (great, huh?) These were in beautiful Wedding Day scent and Pink Watermelon, which is very close to a certain brands honeydew. If you like that one, you will know what I mean.  But unlike other candles places, she made them in exactly the colour I wanted too.

Nothing seems to be too much trouble and Maryann is going to get a special fragrance in for me for a special gift.  I have had several orders now and am always delighted.  Here is my latest delivery plus one of those square votives, before I have broken into the lovely packaging for you to see.

Its not just candles. Check out the fabulous soap, bath bombs and gift sets while you are there. You will not be disapointed.  I have just noticed she also has an etsy shop but the full range is on her own shop site.

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