Monday, 16 July 2012

Floral Decor

I do love flowers but I think they look best in the garden really.  I did pick these partially from the garden and partially from the hedgerow. They do not last long though do they?

I do however still like to have flowers in the house, so I collected these white jugs which almost match and then ordered some silk ones. This is how I did have them but the pink lisianthus were a bit brighter that I thought and jarred a bit with the raspberry tones in some of my accessories. So, after living with them for a few weeks, 

I splashed out on what I should have got in the first place, some ivory roses. So pleased I got these!  I love roses but they fade so quickly. These are quite believably realistic and I get to keep the natural ones where they belong - outside. Now contemplating one of those scents for faux flowers to really fool people.

On the subject of outside. Am I the only one to be really disappointed with the fact that it is mid July and all I have to show produce wise is this pitiful harvest?  This time last year, I had less raspberry plants and had picked oodles by now. All this rain and those pesky slugs! Euwww!

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