Monday, 23 July 2012

Yippee, The Summer Has Arrived

Its the 23rd of July and the great British summer was delayed until 2 days ago!  I frankly had lost hope.
There has been optimistic planting.

I have planted quick stuff. Cauliflowers, spring onions, radishes and beetroot and I have another of those planters to do some more in in a few weeks time. The egg shells work to some extent but I find searching the slugs out after dark the best defence. I need therapy I gotten rid of so many!  I hate doing it but they were rapidly destroying everything I put out. I wish I had room for hens.

There has been more flower arranging

Today, on my first official holiday, having waded through lots of laundry and some accounts (yuck to both), there has been some sitting outside with the little miss

I have lots of things to get on with in the craft department and it is Christmas in July tomorrow you know!
So, I am going to show off my little plot as its looking kinda ok right now. Yes I could tidy a bit more but life is too short I think. Its really not very big but it is my little slice of paradise. This record is very much for me too so I can look back in the winter and remember what was there when its all dormant, cold and grey. I often go putting things in an apparently empty spot and then find sleepy roots of something else. Hopefully this and the little plan I shall sketch will stop that from happening. So please allow me to indulge myself a bit here. xx

It has really evolved from when we first moved here and set it out. If you want to compare, I did a photo journey about it on my flickr page when I started. Much has been lost and/or changed with rubbish winters and other gardening pitfalls, but it feels really mature now. My OH would rather there were less plants out there I think, but I cant help it, I love plants!

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