Monday, 2 July 2012

Shop (s) of The Week

What happened to last week?  Wheres it gone?  I swear I never saw it flash by!  So this week I shall do the current CraftBritannia shop of the Week and follow it up with the previous weeks which I had not covered thus far.

This weeks is Nadine who runs Muntjac Vintage.  Think the name speaks for itself and anyone that knows me will agree that it may be a dangerous shop for me. She has another shop also which is called Imynda. Muntjac Vintage stocks vintage housewares and collectable and Imynda has lovely crochet accesories. I am going to feature some items from both. Please do go visit the shops, they are great. There is an interview with Natalie on the CraftBritannia Blog, which are always insightful.

Eeeek!  I distinctly remember this  pattern being on our family table when I was very small. How nostalgic.


Ok, so last weeks shop of the week was Reds Ribbons. Sarah makes hats, fascinators, headbands and some slightly more racey accesories. Ha! I just know you will go look at her delightful shop now! Her interview on the CB blog can be found here, and here are my picks from her shop. Apologies Sarah for my tardiness. xx


  1. I shall definitely be checking these out. Thanks for doing the leg work for us.

  2. Lovely interview! I remember that pattern on my mum's pyrex when I was small too!

  3. Lovely finds from all the featured shops!

  4. Thank you for the lovely feature Joy! Great picks from Reds shop too. x x

  5. Lovely post and great picks from both shops