Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday Catch Up and Hexipuff Madness

Eeeeap!  When I did the first TBT I did not intend it be all I blogged about. However, a full week has passed and here we are with Tuesday pending again. So I am dropping a little post in now to save me from only doing TBT.  Life has been so hectic. I don't seem to be getting anything done at all.  I have several unfinished items floating about and need to focus and get some done.
 I have a wee fairy in the works for a swap on the craftbritannia etsy team. Cant show you that yet. Have an exciting crochet project for a twitter friend so nearly done its silly that its not finished. I have a gorgeous pink ted cut out and waiting for me to stitch her together.  This is before you consider the normal items I usually have in the works for my little shop of goodies.
To top all that, I went and indulged a whim and purchase the Bee Keepers Quilt Pattern from Tiny Owls Magic Attic. This thing should really come with some kind of health warning! She says, do it between projects. Try that, its hard. No sooner have you tossed one into you chosen keeping receptacle, you will be casting on another, and another and the thing you are meant to be doing is left sitting there pondering its own purpose.  Is anyone else doing these?  Are you too addicted with the flippin things. 


  1. Lol I know what you mean - that's how addicted I get when I'm working with variegated yarns! Looking good...

  2. They look almost edible! You have been very productive! You make me feel guilty! lol!

  3. I know what you mean! the list is very long, I need 48 hours in a day and not to have to go to to work for 12 hours as well!

  4. I saw the Beekeeper's Quilt on the designer's blog a few months ago and it looks so snuggly and gorgeous. I can see how making those little hexi puffs would be addictive! Have fun with it.

    Fiona xx