Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Teddy Bear Tuesday

I have to say, this is not an original idea, more one borrowed. It seems only fitting that the first teddy feature should be from whence it came. The Patchwork Ark. I have never been very fond of Tuesdays, so I am hoping that doing a little ted feature every week will help lift the Tuesdayness of it all.

Look at just some of my picks from her store

Mr. Buttons
Jing Mei


I also wanted to tell you about a giveaway at Bearbits. A gorgeous little fellow called Bouton. Click on the store name to take you to the giveaway on her loveley blog. I just love the banner picture. Wish I had thought of that.


  1. Eeeeeep, love that panda!!! x

  2. Thank you Joy, for the honor of being featured on your blog. You are so sweet to include me. I wish you well with "Teddy Bear Tuesday"!

  3. All so wonderful Joy!....Wishing you and your family a 2012 full of all good things,
    Susan x