Saturday, 11 February 2012

2nd February Monthly Make

I am on a roll for February. This is Brittany.  She was created for a customer as a custom bunny as per this listing. As you will see, this bunny and Brittany are very similar. I have changed a few things. She has no green spots and is knitted in a slightly different pink yarn. Also, her socks and blouse are a creamy off white rather than white and her flower is cream and white. I insist on never copying a design completely. i want you all to have one of a kind bunnies (and bears, foxes, elephants and pandas) The white accents were to accommodate Brittany's other wardrobe. She had an outfit commission for her very similar to the small bunny in the last picture, which is predominantly white. I wanted it all to tie together and not look like an afterthought.  This has been a popular design as I now have another on the needles. This one will also have its own little personal touches.  If you want a bunny knitted to order, please see this listing. if you would like some extra clothing, see this one. If you cant wait for me to get to your custom bunny, pop along to the ready to ship bunny section. Don't forget to browse the whole shop whilst you are there. I have lots to choose from if bunnies aren't your thing. There are still a few things left in the sale.  Bargains to be had my friends.

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