Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its The Little Things

Isn't it funny, how the smallest changes can make such a difference.  I inherited this futon from a boys room and put it in my sewing room, as my it wasn't wanted in there but I thought we should have a spare sleeping arrangement of some sort (OH wanted to get rid! The very idea!). It is actually really comfortable for both sleeping and sitting. The thing is , I just hated how it looked. It really jarred with my pretty lilac and cream look in there.
 So, I spotted this lovely duvet set on the Grattan website. What luck, it totally reflects the feel in my sewing room and teddy seems happy too. I now have a beautiful sofa by day and a spare bed ready to go at a minutes notice. Ok I have to pull a pillow out of the airing cupboard, but you get my drift. I can't decide whether I like the front down hiding my truck   packaging underneath.
 Or tucked in and looking more sofa like. Either way, its a great improvement on the denim homage to boyness that it was.  I must tidy up the little piles I still have to find a home for that are quite evident in these pictures.

1 comment:

  1. It looks perfect and the quilt makes such a differecne. As you say a useful addition to the room.