Monday, 9 April 2012

Shop of The Week, Sunny Crystals

Please say "hi" to Sue from our Craftbritannia Shop of the week, Sunny Crystals.  This is a veritable treasure trove of gemstone jewellery and supplies, plus some lovely decoupage cards. Never really got to grips with decoupage myself, but this lady really has. There is a an in depth interview with Sue over on the Craftbritannia blog to find out more.
Here are my picks from this fab shop, but you know there are far far more over in The Sunny Crystals etsy shop


  1. You're right - Sue's shop is an amazing treasure trove! I love her cards almost as much as her crystals, and your choices are lovely!

  2. Lovely blog, and I've borrowed your virtual cat!

  3. lovely collection of SunnyCrystals goodies :)
    x katie