Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

Morning folks. Its the last day of my `holiday`. Back to the day job tomorrow. So this is my opportunity to wish all more my blog readers a very
Happy New Year.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a bit peeved as I went down with a rotten cold (some may have called it flu it was so awful) on the 23rd and ended up with a chest infection that still has me coughing at times. This is the first year I have not cooked the Christmas lunch.. This was well managed by hubby and daughter - thanks guys.

I have had lots of time to be reading more blogs and noticed that Kath has another wonderful giveaway for us to take part in, pop along and have a go at

She has lots of clever ideas for cards and scrapbooking and is a fab little read. I used to make a lot of cards in the past and have decided to take that one up again this year and have invested in a subscription to Crafts Beautiful.

Its a wonder I have time to go to work , I have been knitting , almost finished, and when its sewn up I shall post a pic. Its a chunky cardi, just right for the snowy weather I have woken up to this morning. My daughter has persuaded me to participate in a craft fair in Cambridge this April ,more details to follow, so I shall be working on some more bags for that. Then there is the garden to consider, but not yet thanks goodness. Although I did make use of an offer of 3 free raspberry canes from Gardeners World magazine.

I love raspberries so it will be nice to grow my own, if only a few. Thinking about giving spuds a try also in those clever bags. No funds at the mo but you never know.

Haha it will be piggies and chickens next.

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