Friday, 7 September 2012

A Turning Point

Summer of Contentment

Well its been a little while since my last post. I have been working hard on custom items and samples for possibly wholesale orders. The end of the summer does bring with it both a return to the day job (I really haven't minded this time) and the start of my favourite season, autumn! Its lovely and warm still and I am still hopeful that my lovely green tomatoes will turn red and yellow after all.  There has been long walks, garden pottering, blackberry picking, jam and jelly and cake production and little time for blogging. So there's my excuse folks and I am sticking with it.

I am also at a bit of a crossroads with my critters. I am taking a break from making them for the time being and potentially there will not be any more. Many of the ones in my shop are dramatically reduced as I could do with the space and a clean sheet with whatever direction I decide to take. Will keep you posted on that.  One thing is for certain. I shall  not be disappearing, just altering course potentially.

So, I find it damn near impossible to sit of an evening (or a Sunday afternoon for that matter) and just look at that box in the corner. I do have to do something. So as I was catching up on my favourite blogs on Tuesday, I found this delectable post. Well, eureka moment for me!  I love this blanket and knew right away I had to make one. I only learned to crochet last year but I absolutely love it!  I have been through the 'stash' and have the intention to try and use up all the acrylic I have accrued over the bunny knitting years. There is probably enough for at least three!  As it is autumn, I have picked out some lovely rusts, yellows, greys and browns.

So, this was my first Tuesday Tallie when I went to bed at smidgeon into Wednesday, but that's allowed isn't it? I have done more since but will pop that on next Tuesdays tally. I do hope my enthusiasm doesn't wane like autumn inevitably will as I have some lovely brights I want to do next. Not to mention the nautical cotton which I anticipate being nicer to crochet than it was to knit.  Hurt my hands as it didn't give a piggin inch!

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