Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies

I thought this week I would take the photos in the afternoon when the sun is actually out. So, my tallies are now going to be what I have completed up to Monday evening. This does show the colours a bit better. I realised my dark taupey brown was not all that great in quantity so have rummaged in the stash and added another caramelly brown into the mix. Quite pleased with them so far.  So my current tally of complete hexagons is.......ta da da daaaa!
Plus 10 more middles. I like to do five a night if I can so got loads of middles done at the weekend.

So yesterday, I decided that it was high time the grass was cut. I havent done it for weeks. Its not my favourite gardening task so I put it off.  In the front garden, I managed to convince myself to trim back the manic bushes, grasses and have a general tidy up. I ended up with 4 more bin bags full of garden waste to take to the tip. This I can add to the four and a tv I hauled up there at the weekend following another impetuous tidying session behind the oil tank. I have been meaning to do that in so long it got to the point it looked like it couldn't be done. However with the wind in my sails on Sunday I have it licked in about an hour. Whilst I was manically clearing yesterday, I discovered a hypericum which is actually my neighbours, but such as the borders are on our properties, its more on mine. Cue, more flower arranging. A few stems of the delectable hypericum 'berries', three strong stems of sedum and the last remaining flowers of lady's mantle, made a delightful autmnal display.

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Big thanks to Carole at Gingerbread Girl who inspired me in the first place.


  1. I'm loving the colours of your hexagons, very pretty. You were busy on Sunday, beautiful flower arrangement, thank you for the link. Deb x

  2. Oooh I like your hexagons. Very nice colour combos. Your flowers look lovely too. You've also reminded me to do my front lawn. It could do with a bit of a trim :)

  3. I love your flower arrangement, it's so lovely to have flowers from the garden in the house :)

  4. Such pretty hexagons Joy and gorgeous colours too!
    Victoria xx