Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies

So, last week I started a new project and decided to log my progress each week in the Tuesday Tallies.  In case you missed my last post (why!!!???), I am crocheting a blanket in autumnal colours.  Anyway, here is this weeks tally as of last night which was Tuesday. Bit dull photo but it was nearly midnight again. A grand total of 23 completed hexagons and 5 part ones, but they don't count do they?

Maybe you would like to take part in the Tuesday Tallies. Pop on over to Carol's Blog, The Gingerbread Girl  to find out what its all about.


  1. I love the hexagon pattern and gorgeous colours. Deb x

  2. Hi Joy - I was thinking about you too on Tuesday. I brought down some of my halloween boxes, and there I sat, on the laundry room floor admiring my amazing witch that you so kindly made for me. Two years down the line I am still bowled over by the trouble that you went to for my swap parcel.My gifts are a great excuse to decorate early so they can be on display for as long as possible. Hugs XX