Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies (on a Thursday)

Ooops! Bit late but better late than never. I seem to have been so busy this week and its not showing any signs of letting up. So any way this is my tally as of Tuesday evening. Please excuse rather dull picture. We are at 68 hexagons now. That's way more than I ever achieved with those knitted hexipuffs, I can tell you. I am a good knitter even if I am blowing my own trumpet but those things didn't seem to progress the way I would like, so I have donated them to my daughters bag full. Crochets hexagons are the hexies for me. I may not have many more to show next week as I have lots of other knitting and sewing that has priority over my own projects. Never mind. it is good to be busy.

I do like to show off my floral exploits too (sorry) and with the nasty days of weather imminent, I rescued a few roses from the garden that would have been obliterated by the rain and have a small arrangement on the kitchen table. I really love the way the flowers are different all through the year.

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  1. Hello my dear friend, I am sorry that I have nit been around for a while, it is taking longer to recover than I had anticipated.

    I hope you are still up to doing Miss October on the monthly makes. I am just doing a post now with links and pictures you can lift from the page. Kandipandi has offered to support all the Misses in my absence. I hope to speak soon. As soon as you can please join the october flickr group and I can the promote you to admin love Annie xxx