Sunday, 23 September 2012

Perfect Things and a Perfect Friend

For simply ages I have been looking for a vintage jug for some silk daisies I have in my bathroom.  They currently reside in a mug which whilst colour wise works, was never quite what I was happy with. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things.  I haven't been successful in my quest.

I was at my friends the other day and she says to me. 'Oh, look what I got at a car boot the other day'. She then produces two old jugs which she says she bought for a pound each.  I obviously admire both because as you may already be aware, I love vintage china.  One I innocently with I swear no agenda remark that one of them would look brilliant in my bathroom. My naughty but just lovely friend insisted I had this jug and after lots of no! yes! no! YES! and my fearing it would go on the floor if we pushed it back and forth on her coffee table any more ended in me agreeing and being so grateful.  I have insisted on making her an item she was thinking of buying in return to make me feel less guilty of relieving her of such a beautiful find .

So here we are.

This is what the daisies were in

This is the picture I have in there that I fell in love with from this lovely shop that has all the colours I recognised in said jug of loveliness

  This is my prized CK towel again with the lovely colours

And this is the jug holding the daisies. Perfect match or what?  


  1. Your jug full of daisies is beautiful... what a wonderful friend you have :)

  2. Your jug and daisies look so pretty Joy and perfectly matched to the décor in your bathroom...Such a lovely find by your very kind friend too!...xx
    Hope you are having a happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  3. The daisies look so much better in the pretty jug than in the mug.