Sunday, 3 October 2010

Foraging and Baking

A few weeks ago I picked a load of blackberries just 2 days before the council came along and cut the hedgerow to within an inch of its life. This does annoy me a touch as the wildlife could have benefitted by the absolute load of fruit left and to come. Especially when they have not mown the grass verge outside my property ever in the almost 4 years I have lived here.
Anyhow, my goal was to do something I have never done before, which is odd when you think I cook for a living. This activity? No not abseiling or canoeing, sorry. Its more sedate than that.
I made jam!
I think I may be addicted. What fun it is. There shall be more. In the meantime, here is the fruits (pardon my pun) of my labours. Obviously, this was the perfect excuse for scones.

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